Rustam Kasad


I'm a software engineer experienced with Java, .NET/C#, and Javascript, I occasionally write about software development at Code Acapella.

My current skillset:

  • Front-end development with React, GatsbyJS, Typesccript
  • Back-end development with NodeJS, Java, C#/.NET
  • Building web applications and distributed systems with Netlify, AWS and Docker.
  • A preternatural affinity for Git.


I have been learning Clojure over the past few years and will eventually eventually write generative music in a Clojure-based domain-specific language called alda.

Talks and presentations

In Feburary of 2017, I gave a lightning talk on how function binding works with the `this` keyword in Javascript at the San Diego JS meetup. You can see my presentation notes here. Looking forward to giving more presentations in the future!